Mid-Level Practitioner (5-20 years)

After five or more years of experience, practitioners are encouraged to consider the value and importance of achieving the Accredited in Public Relations (APR)® designation.

The APR has been a respected measure of professional experience and competence in the field of public relations for more than 50 years. Once earned, it distinguishes you as being committed to the highest professional standards.

The yearlong accreditation process will test your proficiency in all areas of public relations and communications through rigorous evaluation of the skills and abilities needed to practice at a senior level. While evaluating experience and strategic thinking are the primary focus, it is also important to have a foundation of knowledge of public relations theory and policy issues, plus an understanding of the ethical practice of public relations and comprehension of the standards outlined in the CPRS Code of Professional Standards.

Applications to join the 2024 cohort are now closed. Thank you to those who applied.

For detailed program information, download the Accreditation Handbook.

Watch this APR information session, to learn more about the Accrediation process.

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"Earning my APR was both extremely challenging and exceptionally
rewarding. Accreditation has provided me with a boost of confidence that allows me to operate more effectively in the c-suite, providing advice and guidance to senior management. The program is designed to test all of your skills as a senior practitioner, ensuring you not only have a solid understanding of best practice and theory, but also your ability to execute and produce results. I believe the APR has added to my professional credibility, opened new doors in my career and allowed me to tap into a vast network of highly skilled practitioners."

- Daryl Barnhart, APR / Chief of Staff, Niagara Region
2014 APR program