Am I ready for the PRK Exam

Am I ready for the PRK® Exam

The PRK® Exam tests your knowledge of PR fundamentals, critical thinking and writing skills, so you will need to make your own determination about the extent to which you have developed this knowledge and your potential to achieve a passing grade or higher. However, exam results have demonstrated a higher success rate for those who are about to complete or who have already completed their PR study program.   

Exam Readiness Program:
Our Exam Readiness Program is available for purchase to support your preparation for the PRK® Exam. With it, you will receive guidance on where to focus your efforts and will have several opportunities to ask questions and gain information.
The Exam Readiness Program includes:
Study Guide

  • objectives and benefits of the exam

  • the PRK Process: what to expect

  • exam details and structure

  • sample questions

  • suggested reading list

CPRS Style Guide

  • We’ve created our own CPRS Style Guide based on CP Style and tailored to PR profession.


  • The Exam team gives further details on what to expect on the exam and offers viewers tips on how to prepare.

Online Discussion Forum 

Before the exam, an interactive online forum gives the opportunity for participants to post questions, provide comments and connect with fellow participants and PRK experts.

Still not sure? Watch this PRK information session courtesy of CPRS Hamilton to learn more about why you should write the PRK exam!