Program Fees and Requirements

Program Fees and Requirements:

The cost of applying to join the College of Fellows is $125 CAD +HST. Payment must be submitted and received at the National Office on or before September 27, 2024.

Submission Requirements for Membership in the CPRS College of Fellows

  • Demonstrate professional experience by providing a detailed outline of positions held as a public relations practitioner, beginning with your current involvement, and including a summary of your contributions to the communications activities/successes of the organizations or clients with whom you worked or are working. In other words, how did you help 'make a difference’?
  • Demonstrate professional capability by providing three documented examples of exceptional professional capability. Relevant examples can be based on work you conducted or led for your organization or client, voluntary public service activities, awards and citations that have recognized your work and contribution to the advancement of public relations, and/or demonstrated mentoring and other educational activities that have assisted younger and advancing practitioners to enhance their strategic and tactical knowledge and skills. Specifics are important.
  • Demonstrate participation in the advancement of public relations by providing three examples of how you significantly contributed to further knowledge in public relations, or how you significantly contributed to the strengthening, leadership and advancement of CPRS and/or other organizations in the field of communications.
  • Demonstrate recognition for your work by providing two letters of recommendation from fellow APR practitioners and three letters of recommendation from former or current employers or clients outlining their understanding of the quality of your thinking, planning, counselling and outputs; your ethical standards and demonstrated values; and, your leadership capabilities. Click here to read the requirements of the letters of reference that must be submitted with your application.

Successful candidates for the CPRS College of Fellows must agree to offer time and skills to undertake tasks as requested to advance the state of public relations in Canada, help mentor others, speak and write about the value of effective public relations, and agree to be involved in one or more College initiatives; in addition, Fellows are expected to maintain membership in CPRS and accredited status, and serve as a role model for all others in the field of public relations.

If you have any questions about the application process, contact:

Daniel Granger,C.M, L.LL., MBA, APR, FSCRP
Presiding Officer
CPRS College of Fellows


The CPRS Certification team