College of Fellows Update - July 2021

Transition at the helm of the CPRS College of Fellows Selection Committee

Sarah K. Jones, APR, FCPRS, LM, new Chair

Over the last five years, the College of Fellows Selection Committee has been very active under the chairmanship of Francine L. Gaudet, APR, FCPRS, LM. As we move ahead with a transition at the helm of this Committee, I want to express my most sincere appreciation for the outstanding work done by Francine, Sarah K. Jones, Antoine Landry, APR, FCPRS, Lucie-Anne Fabien, APR, FCPRS, and all other members of the College who have served on the Selection Committee to choose new outstanding candidates to join the College every year.

Over the last 12 months, Francine and Sarah – with the support of Lucie-Anne initially and then Antoine – have also undertaken a major review of CPRS College of Fellows Selection Committee policies and procedures to make the process and requirements more comprehensive and understandable to candidates. The new tools include:

·         A revised letter to members who have been practitioners long enough to apply for induction into the College of Fellows

·         A checklist for potential applicants to help them determine whether they are ready to move forward

·         A Selection Committee member job description

·         A clarification of the purpose and expected content for the letters of reference

I am pleased to announce the nomination of Sarah K. Jones, APR, FCPRS, LM as the new Chair of the College of Fellows Selection Committee effective July 1, 2021.

Sarah joined CPRS in 1984 and was inducted into the College of Fellows in 2009. She has served as President of CPRS Toronto and National President of CPRS. She has been Presiding Officer, Judicial and Ethics Committee, Deputy Presiding Officer (Appeals) National Accreditation Committee, Deputy Presiding Officer College of Fellows, and a frequent Accreditation grader and oral examiner.

Sarah is the recipient of the CPRS Lamp of Service and the Philip A. Novikoff Memorial Award.

She is the Principal of Kennedy Jones & Associates, a consulting firm she established in 2004, with specialties in strategic communications and privacy.

Francine remains a submission reviewer and chairs the Policies and Procedures Task Force responsible for the review of policies and procedures for the Selection Committee. She is joined in this work by Sarah and Antoine. 

Daniel Granger, CM, ARP, FSCRP
Chair and Presiding Officer
CPRS College of Fellows