Major and Special Awards

The CPRS Major and Special awards are presented annually to celebrate outstanding achievement and exceptional involvement in the profession by CPRS members.

Unlike the CPRS Awards of Excellence, participation in the program is reserved exclusively for CPRS members in good standing, with winners being nominated by peers. 

Major Award recipients will be invited to accept their award at the CPRS National Conference, where they will get the chance to accept the award and deliver an acceptance speech to their fellow members.

Winners will also be featured on the CPRS website and celebrated at the local level.

Please browse the tabs below to view the winners for the 2022 CPRS Major and Special awards:

Nominations for the 2023 CPRS Major and Special awards will be open in the Spring 2023. Please refer to the application form link under each Awards category for instructions.

Nomination packages must include both a Grand Prize entry form and a submission summary explaining how the nominee meets the nomination criteria.

Please note, while no entry fees are required to nominate, due to the stringent criteria, some Major Awards may not be awarded every year. Refer to each of the Major Award categories for detailed nomination criteria.  

For more information on Major Awards, contact the National Office .