CPRS Privacy Policy
CPRS has enacted the following Privacy Policy to comply with federal legislation governing the use, collection and disclosure of personal information. Personal information is information about an identifiable individual but does not include the name, title or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization. CPRS is responsible for protecting your personal information. We use personal information to communicate with you, process applications for membership and accreditation and to provide you with the services you have requested. Personal information may be used for Society mailings and Directory listings.

If your personal information is not needed for one of the identified purposes, we will not use or disclose it without obtaining additional consent from you. In some cases, such as when you provide us with personal information over the telephone, your consent to the use and/or disclosure of your information will be obtained verbally. In other cases, your consent may be obtained in writing or electronically.
We are obliged to keep your personal information confidential except when authorized by you, when required by law or when permitted by law.

CPRS is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personal information. As part of this commitment, the following Ten Privacy Principles govern our actions as they relate to the use of member information. The principles are based upon the values set by the Canadian Standards Association's Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information and Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and other applicable statutes, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Principle 1 - Accountability
CPRS is responsible for maintaining and protecting the personal information under its control. CPRS has designated an individual who is accountable for compliance with the Ten Privacy Principles.

Principle 2 - Identifying Purposes
The purposes for which personal information is collected will be identified before or at the time the information is collected.

Principle 3 - Consent
Knowledge and consent are required for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information except where required or permitted by law.

Principle 4 - Limiting Collection
The personal information collected must be limited to those details necessary for the purposes identified by CPRS. 

Principle 5 - Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention
Personal information may only be used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected unless you have otherwise consented, or when it is required or permitted by law. Personal information may only be retained for the amount of time required to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected or as required by law.

If you do nothing during your visit but browse through the website, read pages, or download information, we will not gather or store personal information. Our web server collects statistical data about visitor information, specifically through the use of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, used only in aggregate. This tracking system does not record personal information about individuals or link this information to any personal data collected.

Principle 6 - Accuracy
Personal information must be maintained in as accurate, complete and up-to-date form as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is to be used.

Principle 7 - Safeguarding Member Information
Personal information must be protected by security safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity level of the information.

Principle 8 - Openness
CPRS will make information available to our members concerning the policies and practices that apply to the management of their personal information.

Principle 9 - Member Access
Upon request, a member shall be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of their personal information, and shall be given access to it. Members may verify the accuracy and completeness of their personal information, and may request that it be amended, if appropriate.

Principle 10 - Challenging Compliance
Members may direct any questions or enquiries with respect to the privacy principles outlined above or about our practices by contacting:

Privacy Officer
Canadian Public Relations Society 
411 Richmond St E, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5A 3S5