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Discover your purpose with the Dublin Conversations
January 29, 2022
We all work to support purpose-driven communications but how do you inspire others to be more purposeful if you don’t know your own purpose? The Dublin Conversations believes ‘purpose’ and being ‘purposeful’ is at the heart of the future communications.
Ethics in Communication and Public Relations - CPRS Calgary and CPRS Edmonton
February 17, 2022
Everyone thinks they know ethics, or how to handle an ethical situation… until they are confronted by an unexpected ethical dilemma. And every seasoned PR pro will tell you that - sooner or later - you will be confronted with a difficult ethical situation. How do you get your spidey sense focused on identifying and overcoming difficult ethical situations? By reviewing ethical scenarios, practicing, and discussing how you would deal with the situations, and using the ethical tools available to you through CPRS and other professional associations.