Awards : Don't throw 2023 out yet!

January is usually the time for New Year's resolutions, but don't throw 2023 out yet! Turkey, meatpie and New Year's celebrations shouldn't make us forget how hard you and your team worked in 2023 (and in 2022!). Happy customers and employees, convincing results and, above all, communication that hits the bull's-eye are undoubtedly a source of incredible happiness, but you undoubtedly deserve more.

Year after year, CPRS rewards the best (and by that I mean the best!) of the profession at a Gala that, in a few months' time, will be heading to Mont-Tremblant (Quebec). To find your way to the podium, there's no such thing as a free pass. You and your team must submit an application, which will be evaluated according to how well you use the RACE formula, and which could lead to you receiving top honours. Last year, over 60 awards were presented to recognize excellence in public relations.

Jury members take advantage of the last days of winter to take a look at some 250 files, and every year we are astounded by the quality of the profession. From projects carried out in collaboration with First Nations representatives to product launches, influencer campaigns and media relations, our profession is diversified, and the image of the award winners shows that there are no small mandates. Whatever the budget, it takes method (hello RACE formula!) to get the job done. But, as Chairman of the Awards of Excellence Committee, nothing makes me prouder than to see this patient mastery of concepts, but also this healthy dose of pragmatic creativity that makes all the difference to a project's success.

As the members of the jury and I gather to take an educated (and rigorous) look at the communications plans that will be submitted, I'd like to challenge you to take a look back at our 2023 mandates and take out the one that made you proudest to submit to your peers. In this way, you'll be able to inspire us and all our profession.

To reward its efforts, CPRS is relaunching the annual process to identify the best. All you have to do is register and submit your entry (take care to choose the most relevant category), along with an effective demonstration of your work, including a short abstract. Jury members will then have a confidential opportunity to evaluate your entry and give you a score. Each category allows 3 winners to be recognized if, and only if, they achieve the required scores of 85% or more (gold), at least 80% (silver) and at least 75% (bronze). Occasionally, the jury may also award mentions.

Finally, this year we are creating two new categories to recognize innovation and members' contribution to achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

To find out how to apply, join our webinar on January 30.

Julien Baudry

P.S. We're also recruiting judges!