Mid-Level and Senior Practitioners

Here at the Canadian Public Relations Society, we believe that the ethical and strategic practice of public relations and communications management makes a positive contribution to the profession, our employers and to the communities we serve. We also believe that our members can achieve the highest professional standards and lead within and outside of their organizations. Our commitment is to help them do just that.

When you join CPRS as a mid-level or senior practitioner member, you will get access to networking opportunities, professional development and a growing global community of PR and communication management professionals, but that is just the start.
Stand for Ethical PR
When you join CPRS, you will be able to get your name in Canada’s only PR Registry. A public listing of PR professionals that have committed to adhering to a code of the highest ethics. You will also be able to access best practices for an ethical approach to PR and join a national conversation on equity, diversity and inclusion.

Earn the Accredited in Public Relations (APR©) Designation
Challenge yourself and earn the APR designation. It will distinguish you as being committed to the highest standards, add to your professional credibility, open new opportunities and connect you to a national network of highly skilled practitioners.   
Join critical global discussions on the future of PR
Now more than ever, we need PR leaders that are looking to the future. Among many topics, CPRS members have focused on AI in PR and fighting misinformation and disinformation. Join these and other global conversations and help lead the way to a better future.  
Work towards being inducted into the prestigious College of Fellows
A pinnacle of achievement for PR professionals and CPRS members, ascending to the College of Fellows is the ultimate symbol of dedication to the profession and advancing the state of public relations in Canada.
Are you ready to lead ? 


Not convinced yet? Here is a list of the perks that only CPRS members have access to.

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