Councils, Committees and Task Forces



Accreditation Council

Presiding Officer: Margaret Pearcy, APR LM
Colin Babiuk, MA, APR, FCPRS
Danielle Côté, APR
Jeff Meerman, APR
Sharon Hawrelak, APR
Patrice Leroux, MA, ARP, FCPRS
Alexandre Sévigny PhD, APR
Sharmin Hislop BSc, APR
Brigitte Stock, MA, APR

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Atlantic Council

Presiding Officer: Claire Ryan, APR
Amanda Rafuse
Angela Kippers, APR
Annette Campbell
Tracey Stephenson

Education Council

Presiding Officer: Blair Peberdy, APR, FCPRS LM
Barry Waite,MPR
Deneka Michaud, APR
Robin Cook Bondy, APR
Jane McNichol
Martin Waxman, APR
Martha Terdik
Holly Cybulski, APR
Derrick Pieters APR, FCPRS LM
Chaseten Remillard

Health Academy Council

Presiding Officer: Christina A. Marshall, APR
Jane Adams, APR
Agnes Bongers, MCM
Michelle James, MA
Kim McElroy, M Prof. Comm.
Jenny Reid
Candra Tinis

Presidents' Council

Presiding Officer: Wayne Knorr, APR
Gordon Hawker, APR
Lyn Brown
Caroline Bourque-Wiley, MCM, APR
Christine Szustaczek, MCM, APR
David Hultin
Claire Ryan, APR
Annie Doran
Chris Hansen, APR LM
Bernard Gauthier, PhD
Patrick Howe, APR
Michelle James, MA
Jenny Shin
Tanya Colledge, APR
Tatiana Chabeaux-Smith



Audit & Investment Committee, Budget Subcommittee

Cam McAlpine, APR
Wayne Knorr, APR
Lorianne Weston, CTDP


College of Fellows

Presiding Officer: Daniel Granger, CM, APR, FSCRP

Executive Commitee

Cam McAlpine, APR
Wayne Knorr, APR

Governance Committee

Presiding Officer: Vacant
Robert (Bob) Ellis, APR, FCPRS LM
Karen Stone, APR, FCPRS LM
Dan Muys, APR
Michelle James, MA


Judicial and Ethics Committee

Presiding Officer: Daniel Granger, CM, APR, FSCRP

Local Advisory Committee (2021)

Johanna Ward, APR
Cam McAlpine, APR
Andy Watson
Caelie Murray, MA, APR
Jas Baweja
Tanya Colledge, APR

Awards of Excellence Committee

Presiding Officer: Lucie-Anne Fabien, CMMI, APR, FSCRP
Lisa Covens, MA


Major Awards Committee

Presiding Officer: Karen Dalton, APR, FCPRS(H) LM

Membership and Chapter Relations Committee

Presiding Officer: Vincent C. Power, APR, FCPRS
Brigitte Stock, MA, APR
Lisa Covens, MA
Natalie Tomczak, MA
Angela Kippers, APR
Renee McCloskey, APR, FCPRS

Nominating Committee

Presiding Officer: Victor Vrsnik, MCM, APR, FCPRS
Robert (Bob) Ellis, APR, FCPRS LM
Karen Stone, APR, FCPRS LM
Sharlene Smith, APR, FCPRS LM
Maryjane Martin, APR, FCPRS LM
Daniel Granger, ARP, FSCRP
Don Boynton, APR LM


Advocacy and Ethics Committee 

Presiding Officer: Julie Rogers, APR
Kim Blanchette, APR, FCPRS
John Doherty
Tatianna Ducklow
Conor Lloyd, APR
Dan Muys, APR


Professional Development Committee

Presiding Officer: Tim Conrad, APR



French Services Task Force

Presiding Officer: Brigitte Stock, APR


Joint Advocacy and Ethics Task Force

Presiding Officers: Cam McALpine, APR & Kim Blanchette, APR, FCPRS

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force

Presiding Officers: Gail Strachan and Rashpal Rai, APR

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