PR Register

The Canadian Public Relations Register (“PR Register”) is a publicly searchable list of current members of the Canadian Public Relations Society (“CPRS”).  All CPRS members are accountable to the CPRS Code of Professional Standards.  The PR Register is not intended to act as a directory and, as such, contact details are not made available through it.  Members can access contact information about other members using the password-protected CPRS Membership Directory.
CPRS encourages prospective organizations, employers and clients to consult the PR Register to help ensure they are engaging with PR practitioners who have committed to adhering to a code of the highest ethics. 
The PR Register displays content from the CPRS Membership Directory database, supplied to CPRS by members when they join CPRS, renew their membership or update their member record.  Members can update their information at any time.  Accordingly, the PR Register is an accurate record of the information supplied to us by our members. 
The PR Register carries only a limited amount of information about each practitioner. If you wish to use the PR Register to verify a claim to membership of CPRS, you may do so with the CPRS Membership team by emailing or by phoning 416-239-7034, ext. 249. The Membership team will only confirm that someone is or is not in membership and will not provide contact information.  Please note that members have the choice to opt out of being listed in the publicly available PR Register, however confirmation of membership can still be made by contacting the Membership team. 
Members can update their PR Register entry by contacting the Membership team as listed above. 
[The PR Register entries are listed alphabetically by surname and can be navigated using the alphabetical quick links at the top of the page.]