As the recognized national professional association for public relations practitioners in Canada, CPRS provides three levels of certification for its members and non-members at all level of their careers; The Public Relations Knowledge (PRK®) exam, the Accredited in Public Relations (APR®) program and the College of Fellows.

Consider the opportunities to take your career, knowledge, and reputation to the next level:

The Public Relations Knowledge (PRK®) exam 

For new graduates and those in the first five years of practice the intensive Public Relations Knowledge (PRK®) exam created by the CPRS National Council on Education tests the overall grasp of concepts and procedures most commonly used in the day-to-day life of junior PR and communication professionals.

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The Accredited in Public Relations (APR®) designation

After five or more years of experience, PR and Communication practitioners are encouraged to consider the value and importance of achieving the Accredited in Public Relations (APR®) designation.

The APR has been a respected measure of professional experience and competence in the field of public relations for more than 50 years. Once earned, it distinguishes you as being committed to the highest professional standards.

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Induction to the College of Fellows

The pinnacle of achievement for any member of the Canadian Public Relations Society is ascending to the College of Fellows. With at least 20 years of professional experience and at least 10 years of Society involvement, members of the College of Fellows (FCPRS) have shown themselves to not only to be leaders in the public relations profession, but also have demonstrated outstanding leadership in CPRS.

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