Am I ready for my APR?

The question of readiness comes up repeatedly as practitioners and educators grapple with the demands of busy jobs, while trying to maintain work/life balance. Yet, at some point in time, most of us want to see how our skills measure up on a national scale. That’s usually when we begin to wonder about pursuit of the APR designation and ask the question, “am I ready?”

To help you answer this question, the Accreditation Council has developed a Self-Assessment tool to help you get a better understanding of whether you’ve attained the skills and experience necessary for success.

Find out if you’re ready to apply.

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The accreditation process is a measure of the extent of your practical experience and competence in the field as judged by peers. You may pursue this designation once you have satisfied the following eligibility requirements:
  1. you have been employed full-time in a public relations position or have owned your own public relations business for at least five years*;
  2. you spend at least half of your professional time involved with specific public relations activities; and
  3. you are a member in good standing of the Canadian Public Relations Society.