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Deputy Presiding Officer, Appeals (FRENCH)

The Deputy Presiding Officer, Appeals (FRENCH) is responsible for:

  • Drawing on eligible, senior APRs to constitute an appeal panel in January;
  • Coaching the appeal panel graders on their role and guiding them toward a consensus decision;
  • The role is time-sensitive as appeal decisions must be reached by the last week in January and the appeal review takes place in January.
  • Convening the consensus teleconference call at a mutually convenient time for all graders on the panel.
  • The DPO does not make the decision on the appeal alone; rather, the DPO works with the senior grader panel to arrive at a fair and reasoned decision.
The time commitment: 6 – 10 hours from mid-December to January 31.

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APR Graders 

APR Graders will be responsible for:
  • Marking both oral and written APR exams, as well as evaluating candidate work samples; 
  • Participating in Grader Orientation Sessions in order to:
    • remain familiar with the marking process;
    • discuss current issues and new developments in the accreditation program;
    • discuss difficult scenarios along with other new or experienced graders;  
    • stay current with the views of graders across the country.
Eligibility Requirements: 
To become a CPRS grader for the Accreditation Program, one must meet the following requirements:
  1. must be a current member of CPRS
  2. must have held the APR designation for at least 5 years
  3. must not have any other role in the accreditation program that may pose a conflict of interest.  e.g. Accreditation Chairs are not eligible graders because they are involved in mentoring candidates.
The time commitment: Minimum of one year, with hours varying based on size of candidate pool. 

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If you'd like to learn more about supporting our Certifications portfolio, contact Tugba Alaeddinli at certifcation@cprs.ca or 416-239-7034 ext. 248.
If you don't see an opportunity that matches your skills, fill out our general volunteer application and we'll be in touch when a suitable role comes up.