EDI within CPRS: You shared and we listened. Now is the time to act.

In just one hour, PR practitioners across the country at the CPRS National Conference - ELEVATE shared 353 comments and advice on how to activate EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) within CPRS.

The common theme? Practitioners were curious about EDI and eager to move these principles forward. 

They also wanted to know how to do that well.

Many of you heard that the taskforce was focused on three pillars: operational effectiveness, education and learning, and local society engagement. The workshop at the national conference was a step toward realizing those priorities. 

Below is a summary of the feedback received. There’s a lot more than what we can sum up below. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this crucial conversation. The EDI task force is going through the comments. In the fall, the task force plans to report back to CPRS members on key activities and action items to move EDI forward. 

Missed the workshop at the national conference? You can still submit your feedback here by July 4. Your feedback will inform our rollout plan for EDI strategy within CPRS National.

Feedback: Activating EDI within CPRS

Overall appetite to delve into EDI

  • Top five sentiments: Curious, interested, open, hopeful and excited.


Central barriers preventing the PR profession from being more equitable, diverse and inclusive

  1. Systemic or pre-existing power structures that impede progress; stagnant mindset and ways of thinking

  2. Lack of time, resources, support and knowledge that can specifically encourage buy-in from leadership; don’t feel equipped or enabled to champion EDI as a result

  3. Lack of diverse and representative leadership in all levels


What CPRS can do to champion EDI within the Society

  1. Consistent communication about the progress in advancing EDI, with deliberate actions

  2. Resources and policies related to EDI

  3. Diverse voices and people at various tables, including leadership, committees, board, at presentations and when calling upon practitioners to be subject matter experts


Changes that are needed to ensure EDI principles are incorporated at the leadership level at CPRS (e.g. boards and councils)

  1. Set EDI targets and ensure accountability - report back; create pathways for young or emerging PR professionals to move toward leadership roles and participation at committees

  2. Ensure EDI training is mandatory for members at the leadership level at CPRS

  3. Revamp existing criteria to participate in boards and councils to ensure EDI principles are included