2018 CPRS National Conference - Call for Workshop Presentations

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Please note that all workshop/presentations will be limited to no more than one hour including discussion and question period. Note: within each presentation it is expected that the presenter(s) will encourage and facilitate two-way communication between presenter and audience.

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  2. Format of your presentation (e.g. lecture, panel, roundtable etc):

  3. Please provide a short pitch (100-150 words), to be included in promotional materials, describing why delegates should attend your session. *Note: workshops sessions will run concurrently, so make sure to sell delegates on yours:

  4. Does this presentation include a discussion of research you’ve conducted either academically or professionally? (If yes, please describe):

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  6. Have you spoken at any of our 3 previous national conferences, including the 2016 World Public Relations Forum in Toronto?

  7. Are you able and/or interested in delivering your presentation in French?:

  8. Are you accredited by CPRS, PRSA or IABC:

  9. Please include a brief biography (100-150 words) to be used on our website and other promotional materials if/when your workshop is selected:
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