CPRS Presents: Advanced Writing and Brand Journalism
CPRS and Mark Ragan to embark on a cross-Canada tour to help you become a better communicator!

The CPRS, in partnership with Ragan Communications, Inc. will be hosting one-day workshops in three cities across Canada this November.


Mark Ragan, Publisher and CEO of Ragan Communications, Inc. will be leading delegates through a two part workshop on Advanced Writing and Brand Journalism which will include successful Canadian PR experiences and case studies.

Session Descriptions:

Advanced Writing & Editing

Important messages get printed, streamed, e-mailed and Tweeted. Whether internal or external your audiences are reading, watching, listening—talking back. Even the bosses have discovered the power of storytelling! Your words, and how you present them, are more important than ever.

During this morning session, you will learn:

  • Follow the Rules of the Road. Embrace these writing principles and spread them throughout your organization.
  • Find good stories. Where are they? Hint: They're not sitting on your desk or in your e-mail. We'll show you how to be the best reporter in your organization.
  • Get your readers' attention. Take your best shot through headlines that grab, leads that pull us in and quotes that convey an engaging human presence.
  • Layer your online content. Summarize your story for the skimmers and scanners, then let readers choose how deep they want to go.
  • Package your print. Use all the tricks to craft a compelling story and keep readers on the page, in publications, brochures and marketing materials.
  • Match words with sound and pictures. Enhance your audio, video, images and infographics with tight and engaging narrative.

Brand Journalism for Communicators

Are you ready for brand journalism?

Brand journalism combines real reporting and lively storytelling (that's the journalism), with your organization's experts and experiences (that's the branding). A few organizations have figured out a new way to tell their stories, using the tried-and-true methods of journalism to engage their audiences and boost their competitive advantage.

In this session, Mark Ragan will share the principles of brand journalism and show you how you can apply them to your own organization.

You'll leave this afternoon session knowing how to:

  • Write and manage content that appeals to today's hectic reader
  • Organize your communication strategy around a standard newsroom
  • Use original and curated content to be the leading publisher in your niche
  • Create content that is so useful that people will be compelled to share it—over and over again
  • Become the #1 destination for customers and potential customers—and get this done on a tiny budget
  • Master the 10 email techniques that increase readership and brand loyalty
  • Integrate social media and content to boost your website traffic
  • Generate leads for your organization by writing must-read white papers for your customers
  • Build a subscription list of customers, the media and key influencers and keep them coming back for more
  • Measure the success of your content strategy

Let Mark show you how to write and share compelling stories that drive brand loyalty at one of the following dates and locations on the tour:

Register today using the links above and learn how to deliver content that hooks audiences and gets real results!