CPRS Manitoba Evolves to Celebrate Ninth Manitoba Communicator of the Year Award

Written by Melissa Matias

Bill Acheson (Red River College), Christian Robin (Red River College), Katrina Sklepowich (Red River College student), Conor Lloyd (CPRS MB), Maureen Fitzhenry (Canadian Museum for Human Rights), Angela Cassie (Canadian Museum for Human Rights), Tamara Bodi (CPRS MB).

On May 4, 2016, the Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) was pleased to recognize Red River College and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights as recipients of the 9th Annual Manitoba Communicator of the Year (MCOY) award.

The MCOY Award is the most prestigious public relations and communications award in Manitoba and honours practitioners who lead the way in innovation, resourcefulness and creativity.

In a plan to evolve and raise the profile of the event and award prior to the 10th anniversary in 2017, the awarding process was revised, the event was held at a dinner gala instead of a luncheon, and the award was expanded.

"Because of the breadth of expertise and talent in Manitoba, this year's MCOY was separated into two categories – the large category and the small category," said CPRS Manitoba Vice President and MCOY chair, Connor Lloyd. "Both RRC and the CMHR deserve to be celebrated as the best in our profession for their outstanding campaigns."

RRC received the large campaign award for their province-wide initiative to strengthen the brand, resulting in strong donor relationships, greater engagement with an important college public, and improved the college's overall reputation in the business community.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights received the small campaign award for their very strong and effective campaign aimed at promoting the launch of their new exhibit The Witness Blanket, resulting in a considerable amount of local and national media stories.

The top PR student at Red River College was also honoured. As a CPRS student member, Katrina Sklepowich was recognized at the gala with a $500 CPRS Manitoba Creative Communications Scholarship.

The plated dinner event at the Winnipeg Art Gallery was well attended. CPRS gratefully thanks three major MCOY sponsors for their support: Red River College, Eureka.cc and McKim Communications Group.

CPRS Manitoba looks forward to planning its 10th annual MCOY.

Photos by David Lipnowski Photography