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Organizational Listening: The Missing Essential in Public Communication

Authored by Jim Macnamara

This book reports the findings of a two-year, three-continent study that show that public and private sector organizations devote substantial and sometimes massive resources to construct an ‘architecture of speaking’ through advertising, PR, and other public communication practices, but listen poorly, sporadically, and sometimes not at all. Beyond identifying a ‘crisis of listening’ in modern societies, this landmark study proposes and describes how organizations need to create an architecture of listening to regain trust and re-engage people whose voices are unheard or ignored. It presents a compelling case to show that urgent attention to organizational listening is essential for maintaining healthy democracy, organization legitimacy, business sustainability, and social equity. This research is essential reading for all scholars, students, and practitioners involved in politics; government, corporate, marketing, and organizational communication; public relations; and all those interested in democratic participation, media, and society.

“This is a long overdue and important contribution to the communication and public relations literature. Like all brilliant ideas you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it because it seems so obvious. Of course listening is vitally important and of course organizations should listen. So why has no one systematically researched how organizations listen … and more importantly, if they do? Jim Macnamara has plugged this gap. The results of his extensive and meticulous research are stunning. Simply put, organizations don’t really listen. So what’s to be done? Helpfully Macnamara has also developed an architecture for listening which provides practical solutions to the problem. It’s a must-read.” (Anne Gregory, University of Huddersfield)

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Journalism and PR: Unpacking ‘Spin’, Stereotypes, and Media Myths (Paper - Discount $37* - Retail $53.24 – 978-1-4331-2426-6)
21st Century Media (R)evolution: Emergent Communication Practices- Second Edition (Paper - $45* - Retail $63.64 – 978-1-4331-2351-1)
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The Complete All-Canadian Content-Writing Handbook

Authored by Jane Stokes

Instead of piecing together all the "do and don't" tips for writing effective content in the earned, paid, and owned media channels, business communicators today may find it much easier and faster now with the Complete All-Canadian Content-Writing Handbook.

Developed as a coaching tool for professional writers in need of a refresher, author Jane Stokes has produced an exacting quick-guide for creating branded articles and video scripts. This includes guidance for effective tone, engagement, topics, branding, leads, headlines, images, formatting, and video scripts. As importantly, the handbook helps to cross-check every media-writing campaign.

"This manual is full of practical advice... anchored in essential theoretical discussion... It is a quick guide to the basics of clear writing... and will be an important addition to our public relations writing toolkit."
- Professor Lydia Boyko PhD, APR LM
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

For a preview of what to expect from the Handbook, read Jane's Blooper series, for tips on how to banish the 10 most common mistakes from your writing. 

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Fundamentals of Public Relations and Marketing Communications in Canada

Edited by CPRS member William Wray Carney and Leah-Ann Lymer

Canada's most comprehensive textbook on public relations and marketing communications, featuring 19 expert contributors. An essential resource for established professionals, international communicators, and students in the fields of public relations and marketing communications.

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Contributors: Colin Babiuk, Sandra L. Braun, Wendy Campbell, John E.C. Cooper, Marsha D'Angelo, Ange Frymire Fleming, Mark Hunter LaVigne, Danielle Lemon, Allison G. MacKenzie, Sheridan McVean, Charles Pitts, David Scholz, Jeff Scott, Charmane Sing, Amy Thurlow, Carolyne Van Der Meer, Ashleigh VanHouten, Cynthia Wrate, and Anthony R. Yue.

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