To learn is to grow, expand and build. It may planned or incidental. You may be a student, a teacher or a professional. What really matters is that learning gives you a fresh outlook, new ideas and creates opportunity.

Considering going back to school?

Are you currently enrolled in a PR studies program?

You will want to consider writing Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® exam if you are:
  • a student ready to graduate or recently graduated and want to differentiate yourself in the job market;
  • considering a career shift into public relations and need to demonstrate your PR knowledge; or
  • interested in raising your profile by posting your name and CV on the CPRS website after successfully passing the exam.

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        • Accreditation can make a difference in your professional PR career. Learn more about becoming Accredited in Public Relations (APR).

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        • Don't miss, ILLUMINATE, the 2017 CPRS National Conference in Kelowna, B.C. from May 28-30, 2017. Network with new colleagues, gain insight into trends in the Public Relations profession and have some fun!

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        Canadian Public Relations Conference

        • For more information on ILLUMINATE, the 2017 CPRS National Conference, May 28-30 in Kelowna, B.C., visit illuminate2017.com.

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        • Check out the Online and On Demand webinars, based on award-winning case studies!