Global Alliance

'One profession - One Voice'
The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management was formalized in the fall of 2000.


GA at a glance

The Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management is the confederation of the world's major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing about 160,000 practitioners and academics around the world. The Global Alliance's mission is to unify the public relations profession, raise professional standards all over the world, share knowledge for the benefit of its members and be the global voice for public relations in the public interest.

The Global Alliance works on the cooperative efforts of communication professionals to tackle common problems with a global perspective. By partnering with regional, national and international bodies to increase professionalism in Public Relations and Communication Management, this Alliance works to enhance the influence of the industry among its constituents around the world.

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management is a non-profit organization registered in Switzerland.

The mandate of the alliance is to:

  • Unify the profession
  • Assist in building and growing public relations associations
  • Develop and propose universal standards for the profession
  • Be an advocate on behalf of the profession
  • Serve the needs of the individual members of GA member organizations
  • Offer reciprocal benefits to our collective membership

Global Alliance projects include the establishment of a global code of ethics, benchmarking of accreditation and curriculum standards as well as the creation of a Web site and newsletter. Other projects involve the establishment and promotion of the need for a communications component to projects funded by the World Bank and the World Public Relations Festival which is a concept created by the GA to explore in-depth current themes in Public Relations.

Here is what your CPRS membership already gives you:

  • Your link to a world of resources at a member's rate! It's as if you were a member of 60 associations!
  • An alliance of the leading public relations associations - more than 100 partners representing 160,000 professionals
  • A web portal at
  • Opportunities to volunteer your services and shape global standards of practice
  • Universal Code of Ethics already adopted and promoted through the GA
  • Forum for discussing common issues
  • Benchmarking studies, in-depth research
  • Profiles of how to practice PR in different countries - PR Landscapes (on the GA web site)
  • Advocacy for the profession
  • Assist developing associations and set up new associations
  • Solidarity within the profession

For more information, and to join the Global Alliance email list, please visit