Pathways to the Profession® - An Overview

A New relationship for CPRS and educators

As a professional association, CPRS has worked closely for several years with many of Canada's post-secondary institutes in supporting the development and implementation of programs in public relations (PR) and communications management (CM). Our role has been to provide advice to educators about current public relations practice for use in curriculum. In recent years, institutes have asked us to step up even more by providing processes and support for consistency in curriculum and program planning that would lead to the formal recognition and endorsement by CPRS of educational programs. In addition, they asked for options to enrich students' learning experience with direct links to the profession.

In response, the CPRS National Council on Education was established with a mandate to develop guidelines and a clear overview of program requirements that would reflect current practice. Due to the diversity of programs however, and the independent nature of their delivery by institutions, it soon became apparent that there could not be just one set of learning criteria that would reflect a national standard. As a way to address this, the CPRS National Council on Education developed the Pathways program introduced in this document.

The Pathways program uses an integrated program planning model that includes an emphasis on program outcomes along with recommendations for a course framework. This approach also offers institutes a way to assess their own programs and to provide context for ongoing and future curriculum development. We hope this will be a highly useful document to program developers and we look forward to working with educational institutes that incorporate this content as a starting point for either new development or renewal.