Award Recipients

CPRS National Award Winners:

CPRS Major Award Winners:

This section provides a historical look at winners of CPRS Major Awards from 1952 to present day.

CPRS/Frontline Risk & Crisis Communication Student Award

  • 2004 Deidre Taylor, Mount Saint Vincent University
  • 2005 Nekolina Berlie, University of Calgary, Calgary; Alex Vondette, Centennial College, Toronto; Rina Blacklaw, Mount Royal College, Calgary
  • 2006 Jackie Ostashek, Grant McEwan College, Edmonton; Lisa Carroll, Université Laval, Montréal; Annette Yuen, Humber College, Toronto.
  • 2007 Michael Sheehan, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax; Julia Schriver, Kwantlen University College, Vancouver; Shawna Holm, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg


Edelman-Stanley Houston Award

  • 2000 Danna A. Donald Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, NS
  • 2001 Asdis Yr Petursdottir Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, NS
  • 2005 Luc Levasseur Seneca College, Toronto, ON


CPRS National Trophy

  • 1952 John Heron - Québec
  • 1953 James Nicol - Québec
  • 1954 Louis Trudel - Québec
  • 1957 Carl Reinke - Québec, Kenneth MacGillivray - Toronto
  • 1958 Paul A. Filteau - Québec, George A. Lawrence - Toronto, H. Reginald Hammond - Calgary, William A. MacDonald, APR - Ottawa
  • 1959 Roy T. Cottier - Québec, C.A. Patterson - Québec, William A. Neville, APR - Manitoba

No nomination for this award was made in 1960 or 1961. This award was superceded in 1962 by the introduction of the three Major CPRS Awards: Lamp of Service, Award of Attainment and Shield of Public Service.