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Philip A. Novikoff Memorial Award

For recognition of superior and outstanding service over time as a public relations professional. Awarded to an accredited CPRS member who has furthered the standing of the public relations profession in Canada through professional practice and personal relations as well as the enhancement of CPRS and the betterment of the community.

Nomination must be made by a current accredited CPRS member and endorsed by three additional current accredited CPRS members. A list of criteria is available at the CPRS National Office. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a special committee.

The winner receives a certificate and cash award, bestowed in memory of a long-time CPRS member, the late Philip A. Novikoff.

Philip A. Novikoff Memorial Award Entry Form

Award Recipients

  • 1989 Louis J. Cahill, APR - Toronto
  • 1990 Dean Miller, APR - British Columbia
  • 1991 David W. Annesley, APR - Calgary
  • 1992 Steven B. Parker, APR - Nova Scotia
  • 1993 No Award
  • 1994 No Award
  • 1995 Ruth F. Hammond, APR - Toronto
  • 1996 Luc Beauregard, ARP - Montréal
  • 1997 Jim Osborne APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Calgary
  • 1998 No Award
  • 1999 Jean Freeman, APR - Southern Saskatchewan
  • 2000 No Award
  • 2001 No Award
  • 2002 Barbara Sheffield, APR - Toronto
  • 2003 No Award
  • 2004 David M. Eisenstadt, APR, Fellow PRSA, CPRS - Toronto
  • 2005 James E. Toccacelli, APR - Toronto
  • 2006 Bart Mindszenthy, APR, Fellow CPRS - Toronto
  • 2007 David Grier, APR - Toronto
  • 2008 No Award
  • 2009 Edsel Bonnell C.M., APR, FCPRS(H) LM
  • 2010 Blair Peberdy APR
  • 2011 Colleen Killingsworth APR, FCPRS
  • 2012 No Award
  • 2013 Derrick Pieters ARP, FSCRP LM
  • 2014 Jean Valin APR, FCPRS LM
  • 2015 Terence (Terry) Flynn, PhD, APR, FCPRS
  • 2016 Daniel Tisch APR, FCPRS
  • 2017 Mary Barker APR, FCPRS(H) LM