Accredited in Public Relations (APR) Digital Badge

What is a digital badge?
A digital badge signifies concrete evidence of accomplishments, skills, qualities, or participation in experiences and typically consists of a graphical icon and metadata (information that has been linked to the image by the badge issuer) about the criteria for earning the badge, when it was issued, and who issued it. Thereafter, the badge earner can display the badge by connecting it to a suitable social media space, such as Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook, and by adding badges from different issuers to a central collection space, such the Mozilla Backpack or Credly.

Who is using Badges?
Educational institutions; not-for-profit groups (museums, community organizations); and credentialing institutions are using badges to recognize and provide incentive and motivation to their participants.

Why is a digital badge useful for APRs?
It provides a quick way to showcase APR success and with one click on the link, opens a window to the badge and information on what was involved to achieve accreditation, thus providing more content and meaning for those unfamiliar with the APR.

It promotes the APR designation because it is easily linked on an email signature, CV, Linkedin Profile, Twitter profile, etc. in a way that is not possible with a paper certificate.

Finally, the fact that CPRS has issued the badge through Credly validates it is more than just an image that anyone could paste on a profile. The element of third party verification enhances reliability for the credential since CPRS is the only issuer of the digital badge and it is only issued through Credly. If any person were to simply grab the image, it would not link through to the Credly verification page.

The National Council on Accreditation has approved this initiative as a way to foster these strategic goals:

  • promote professional competence and the APR program as a mark of professionalism
  • promote the APR within the business community and increase recognition for the profession within business organizations and the community

Once you have linked your APR badge, this is how it will appear on your LinkedIn profile:

When a colleague clicks on the Accredited in Public Relations (APR), it redirects to the Credly site, which provides the badge details: