Public Relations Practitioner

CPRS defines a public relations practitioner as one who:

  • designs public attitude research
  • assists organizations in interpreting and managing their socio/political context
  • designs and implements public affairs programs
  • designs, manages and implements communications programs or parts thereof, which use techniques such as news or trade media contact, newsletters or brochures, audio or audio-visual media, special events, public speaking, or other technical means of reaching and communicating with defined audiences or is a career teacher of public relations/communications at a post-secondary institution.

Public relations professionals work in a broad spectrum of areas such as:

  • Community Relations
  • Fund Development
  • Issues Management
  • Publicity
  • Special Events
  • Employee Relations
  • Consulting
  • Government Relations
  • Marketing-Communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • Industry Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Public Consultation
  • Public Affairs
  • Research