College of Fellows
Driven by values, passion and performance

The College of Fellows was established in 1998 to recognize those CPRS members who are proven leaders in public relations and communications and who have made exceptional contributions to the profession and their communities.

College of Fellows Essay Series

As a contribution to the discussion on the changing role of public relations in society, the Canadian Public Relations Society’s College of Fellows is launching a new series of essays under the general theme Public Relations in Society.

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CPRS launches Expert Centre

CPRS is pleased to launch the first phase of the CPRS Expert Centre. The Expert Centre will help CPRS increase its visibility and authority through individual and collective expertise on a variety of public relations and communications management industry issues.

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View the archived webinar explaining how to use the ExpertFile platform which hosts the CPRS Expert Centre. 

View the news release:
Canadian Public Relations Society Expert Centre Provides a Better Way to Showcase Communications Executives

Characteristics of a Potential Member of the CPRS College of Fellows

  • CPRS member for at least 10 years and demonstrated leadership within CPRS.
  • Accredited member in good standing and actively participating in the Accreditation Maintenance program.
  • Demonstrated personal and professional qualities; a role model to fellow practitioners whose ethics, values and behaviour are consistent and unassailable.
  • Advanced the state of public relations through leadership in exceptional programs in the field.
  • Authored abstracts, articles, and reports; shown leadership through lectures, speeches, workshops, etc. that have advanced awareness of public relations.

Submission Requirements for Membership in the CPRS College of Fellows

  • Demonstrate professional experience by providing a detailed outline of positions held as a public relations practitioner, beginning with your current involvement, and including a summary of your contributions to the communications activities/successes of the organizations or clients with whom you worked or are working. In other words, how did you help 'make a difference’?
  • Demonstrate professional capability by providing three documented examples of exceptional professional capability. Relevant examples can be based on work you conducted or led for your organization or client, voluntary public service activities, awards and citations that have recognized your work and contribution to the advancement of public relations, and/or demonstrated mentoring and other educational activities that have assisted younger and advancing practitioners to enhance their strategic and tactical knowledge and skills. Specifics are important.
  • Demonstrate participation in the advancement of public relations by providing three examples of how you significantly contributed to further knowledge in public relations, or how you significantly contributed to the strengthening, leadership and advancement of CPRS and/or other organizations in the field of communications.
  • Demonstrate recognition for your work by providing two letters of recommendation from fellow APR practitioners and three letters of recommendation from former or current employers or clients outlining their understanding of the quality of your thinking, planning, counselling and outputs; your ethical standards and demonstrated values; and, your leadership capabilities.

Successful candidates for the CPRS College of Fellows must agree to offer time and skills to undertake tasks as requested to advance the state of public relations in Canada, help mentor others, speak and write about the value of effective public relations, and agree to be involved in one or more College initiatives; in addition, Fellows are expected to maintain membership in CPRS and accredited status, and serve as a role model for all others in the field of public relations.

If you have 20 years’ experience and meet the other criteria, please give some serious thought to applying. We now have 100 Fellows and Honorary Fellows across Canada and would like to strengthen our numbers and undertake more projects while improving on those we have in place. To submit your application for membership in the CPRS College of Fellows, please complete the application form and accompanied by the prescribed support documentation (please use the submission template below) and a $125 fee + HST.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Daniel Granger or Karen Dalton, Executive Director.

Deadline for submissions is September 18, 2018, and all submissions must be forwarded to the College of Fellows Selection Committee, c/o Canadian Public Relations Society, 783 Annette Street, Toronto, Ontario M6S 2E4.

Daniel Granger, L.LL., MBA, APR, FSCRP
Presiding Officer
CPRS College of Fellows


  • Robin Alford APR, FCPRS - Manitoba
  • Jane Allison APR, FCPRS - Hamilton
  • Nancy H. Arab APR, FCPRS -Calgary
  • Terry Aseltine APR, FCPRS - Manitoba
  • Colin Babiuk APR, FCPRS - Edmonton
  • Diana Barkley APR, FCPRS - Vancouver
  • Marcel Barthe ARP, FCPRS - Quebec
  • Nicole Beaulieu APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Eric Bergman APR, ABC, MC, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Kim Blanchette APR, FCPRS - Calgary
  • Jean Boileau APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Scott Bonikowsky APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • John M. Bowles APR, FCPRS, FCIPR LM - New Brunswick
  • Kevin E. Brown APR, FCPRS - Northern Lights
  • Esther Buchsbaum APR, FCPRS - Individual
  • Carleen Carroll APR, FCPRS - Hamilton
  • Alan Clay APR, FCPRS - Calgary
  • Andrea Collins APR, FCPRS - Edmonton
  • Al Czarnecki APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Bernard Dagenais APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Dana Dean APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Grace Diffey APR, FCPRS - Hamilton
  • Martine Dorval APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Deanna Drendel APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • David Eisenstadt APR, FCPRS, Fellow PRSA LM - Toronto
  • Robert W. Ellis APR, FCPRS LM - Regina
  • Lucie-Anne Fabien APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Dr Terence (Terry) Flynn APR, FCPRS - Hamilton/Toronto
  • Deborah Folka APR, FCPRS - Vancouver
  • Joanne H. Fortin APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Ange Frymire Fleming APR, FCPRS - Vancouver
  • Charlene Gaudet APR, FCPRS - Ottawa
  • Francine L. Gaudet APR, FCPRS - Vancouver
  • Daniel N. Granger APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Fran Gregory APR, FCPRS, MSc - Hamilton
  • Judi Gunter APR, FCPRS LM - Calgary
  • Elizabeth Jane Hirst APR, FCPRS LM - SQPRP
  • Tony Iavarone APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Ginny Jones APR, FCPRS - Hamilton 
  • Sarah K. Jones APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Sean Kelly APR, FCPRS - Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Colleen Killingsworth APR, FCPRS - Calgary
  • Donald J. LaBelle APR, FCPRS LM - Edmonton
  • Antoine Landry APR, FCPRS- SQPRP
  • Mark Hunter LaVigne APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Pierrette Leonard APR, FCPRS - Ottawa/Gatineau
  • Jamesina Leong-Huxley APR, FCPRS - Calgary
  • Silvie Letendre APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Joel Levesque APR, FCPRS - New Brunswick
  • Carol Levine APR, FCPRS - Individual
  • Fraser Likely APR, FCPRS - Ottawa/Gatineau
  • Bruce MacLellan APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Janet E. MacMillan APR, FCPRS - Nova Scotia
  • Kathy Malley APR, FCPRS - New Brunswick
  • Sandy Manners APR, FCPRS - Hamilton
  • Jeffrey C. Martin APR, FCPRS - Hamilton
  • Maryjane Martin APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Rick Mauro APR, FCPRS - Hamilton
  • Renee McCloskey APR, FCPRS - Northern Lights
  • Lynn McGregor APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Gordon Kenneth McIvor APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Pat McNamara APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Sheridan McVean APR, FCPRS - Calgary
  • Barbara Mekelburg APR, FCPRS - Vancouver Island
  • Bart Mindszenthy APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Philip Mulder APR, FCPRS - Edmonton
  • John Muldoon APR, FCPRS LM- Toronto
  • Joanne Mysak APR,FCPRS - Saskatoon
  • Steven Parker APR, FCPRS - Nova Scotia
  • Patricia Parsons APR, FCPRS - Nova Scotia
  • Maureen Payne APR, FCPRS LM - Calgary
  • Carol Panasiuk APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Blair Peberdy APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Béatrice Guay Pepper APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Derrick Pieters APR, FCPRS - Edmonton
  • Barbara Pollock APR, FCPRS - Regina
  • Heather Pullen APR, MCM, FCPRS - Hamilton
  • Robyn Quinn APR, FCPRS - Vancouver Island
  • Gilles Roberge APR, FCPRS LM - SQPRP
  • Sheldon Rose APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • David Rowney APR, FCPRS - Hamilton/Toronto
  • Matthieu Sauvé APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Robert (Bob) Scott APR, FCPRS - New Brunswick
  • Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Barbara Sheffield APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Carla S. Shore APR, FCPRS - Vancouver
  • Sharlene Smith APR, FCPRS - Vancouver Island
  • Richard Sparkes APR, FCPRS - Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Katita Stark APR, FCPRS LM - Toronto
  • Sharon Stevens APR, FCPRS - Vancouver
  • R. Bruce Stock APR, FCPRS - Individual
  • Karen K. Stone APR, FCPRS - Nova Scotia
  • Brenda Sweeney APR, FCPRS - Hamilton/Toronto
  • Ian Thompson APR, FCPRS - Nova Scotia
  • Sandra Thornton APR, FCPRS - Edmonton
  • Amy Thurlow Ph.D., APR, FCPRS - Nova Scotia
  • Daniel Tisch APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Eileen Tobey APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • James Toccacelli APR, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Deborah Trouten APR, ICD.D, FCPRS - Toronto
  • Jean Valin APR, FCPRS - Ottawa/Gatineau
  • Kim Van Bruggen APR, FCPRS - Vancouver Island
  • Geraldine Vance APR, FCPRS - Vancouver
  • Allard W. van Veen APR, FCPRS LM - Vancouver
  • Guy Versailles APR, FCPRS - SQPRP
  • Victor Vrsnik MCM, APR, FCPRS - Vancouver
  • Kim West APR, FCPRS - Nova Scotia
  • William Whalen APR, FCPRS - New Brunswick
  • Janet Wile APR, FCPRS - Toronto


  • Mary Barker APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Nova Scotia
  • Edsel Bonnell C.M., APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Karen Dalton APR, CAE, FCPRS(H) LM - Toronto
  • John Francis APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Calgary
  • Jean Freeman APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Regina
  • Roselle Green APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Nova Scotia
  • Roger D. Landry ARP, FSCRP(H) LM - SQPRP
  • Edmund Murray APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Nova Scotia
  • Jim Osborne APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Calgary
  • Roberta Resnick APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Toronto
  • Lesley Spencer APR, FCPRS(H) LM - Toronto