Adding the Power of Strategy to your PR Plan

August 31, 2021
Less than 2 hours
Appropriate for all
Free+ Bring a Friend offer


This session will introduce participants to the CARE Model that Gauthier developed and wrote about in his 2018 book Strategic Communication in Canada. Participants will learn about the four elements of strategic communication planning: (1) the intended Changes of a campaign; (2) the key Audiences that must be reached and engaged; (3) the Resources the organization can deploy; and (4) the trends and forces in the external Environment that will affect the PR campaign. The presenter will explain each of the four elements, discuss the impact they can have on a PR campaign and present effective strategies based on campaigns he has planned and implemented for clients throughout his career. 
Discover a proven model for strategic planning in PR  Learn the key steps in planning public relations strategically  Understand the role that research plays in strategic PR planning  Learn proven PR strategies and the actual cases that demonstrate their effectiveness discover how a solid strategy can empower the creative development that good PR campaigns rely on  Learn the two-way relationship between effective planning and effective campaign evaluation.

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This month, we'll be introducing our new 'bring a friend offer' , which will allow members to invite one of their colleagues to get a taste of what being #CPRSproud is all about. 



B-Gauthier.jpgBernard Gauthier, PhD is one of Canada’s most experienced and knowledgeable public relations professionals. Fluently bilingual, he has provided expert counsel on strategic communication to clients and employers in all sectors of the Canadian economy for more than 35 years. His employers include multinational insurance companies, national professional associations and an agency of Sport Canada. As a consultant, Bernard spent nearly two decades helping to build (and eventually leading) Delta Media Inc. into one of the National Capital Region’s most successful communication firms. He delivered strategic advice, communication research and creative services to a wide range of Government of Canada departments and agencies and to many of Canada’s leading associations.
Bernard completed his PhD in Communication at Carleton University in 2013 and taught as a full-time faculty member at Conestoga College’s Bachelor of Public Relations program for eight years. He also serves as a sessional lecturer at the Carleton School of Journalism and Communication – something he has done for more than two decades. He continues to teach sought-after courses at Carleton in communication research, crisis communication and public relations. Bernard’s book Strategic Communication in Canada draws on his experience and as a consultant and a professor and was published by Canadian Scholars Press in 2018.