Executive Perspectives on Public Relations Management Competencies

Colleen Killingsworth, McMaster University
The functions of public relations management representatives have evolved over the past three decades and are "achieving increased stature within the corporation"†. The evolution of public relations management has profound implications for professional development programs as public relations professional development programs continue grow in higher education not only in Canada, but worldwide.

Understanding the value and importance executives place on a set of public relations management competencies and credentials for communications managers, directors, vice presidents, and chief information officers, is important to the ongoing advancement of the public relations management profession. Scant research exists that looks at the competencies and credentials Canadian executives are requiring of their public relations professionals.

The results of an online survey of 436 executives (e.g. general business, human resources, and public relations/communications management) between October 31 and December 20, 2010 help the public relations industry more clearly understand to what degree the skills and competencies identified in the Manager and Leader Pathways levels of the CPRS Pathways to the Profession align with Canadian executive perspectives of the competencies required of their public relations managers and leaders.

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Colleen Killingsworth
Colleen Killingsworth, MCM, APR, ABC, FCPRS
Principal, CK Communications
With more than 20 years’ experience in communication, Colleen is a public relations executive with a strong track record in leadership, strategic planning and project management. Her experience encompasses a wide variety of assignments such as program consolidations and moves, reputation management and branding strategies, multi-stakeholder communication, product launches, collateral development, communication audits, and special event planning and execution. Colleen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno, and a Master’s of Communication Management from McMaster University. Her work has won local, national and international awards.
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