Centennial College presents a PD webinar preview

Looking for a taste of what our webinar series has to offer? Well, with the help of the Centennial College Bachelor of Public Relations Management program, now you can!

Below you'll find a selection of webinar summaries that have been generously provided by 4th year BPRM students, completed as part of their ongoing studies.

30-minute-makeover-(1).JPGIn Jane Stokes' 30-Minute Makeover, attendees were treated to an overview of the do's and don'ts of tone, trust-building, helpfulness and top-top-bottom engagement, followed by the most common fatal writing errors and how to avoid them.

Summary by Amber Savja.
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How-to-Stand-Our-in-a-Noisy-Market-(1).JPGIt's often said that there’s something magical about public relations in business. A lot of time and resources go into this marketing method, but what is so special about it and why should businesses invest in it?

In How to Stand out in a Noisy Market, Darian Kovacs, Managing Partner of the award-winning Jelly Digital Marketing and PR explains how PR can, and will, bring the "WOW" factor to your business. 

Summary by Dyana Angino 
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Patient-Confidential-(1).JPGIn Patient Confidential, Johanna Ward, APR examines the use of social media by healthcare professionals, through the lens of several communications theories, and explores how they can be supported to make better choices. 

Summary by Christina Robichaud  
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PetSmart-(2).jpgHear from members of the Golin Canada team as they walk you through their campaign, PetSmart and PetSmart Charities of Canada's Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program, which was the recipient of the 2018 CPRS National Award of Excellence (Gold) for Canadian Community Relations Campaign of the Year.

Summary by Amelia Ortiz
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PR-In-the-Micro-moment-(1).JPGIn this interactive and informative webinar, Martin Waxman explores PR in the Micro-Moment and a mobile approach to PR. He explains why we need to look at the world from our audience’s perspective and how to create the kind of multimedia content that both helps and inspires people in the moment.

Summary by Winnie Roberts
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RACE-Fort-McMurray-(1).JPGThe RACE formula - research, analysis, communication & evaluation - has been the foundation of strategic communications since John Marston published it in 1963 in The Nature of Public Relations. But in a world of 24/7 social media, is RACE outdated? In RACE & the Fort McMurray Crisis, Diane Bégin, APR and Jordan Redshaw explore the topic as part of recent work during the northern Alberta wildfire.
Summary by Paige Dyck
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In Trolls, Haters and Nasty Posts: How to tone down the trash talk on your city's social media, Jan Enns, MA and Julie Rogers, APR draw on #Awesome examples, #FiveStar best practices and cautionary tales of #EpicFail, to help you be better prepared for the negative Neds and Nancys, and learn how to identify these virtual voices in your community and steps you can take to manage your message.

Summary by Mishel Chavoulski
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Thank you to the BPRM students who provided us with a summary. Best of luck in your future endeavours! 

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