2014 PR Research Session: CPRS National Conference - May 25, Banff, Alberta

The fourth annual Educators Roundtable took place on the first day of the 2014 National Summit in Banff, AB, May 25-27.
2014 research presentations include:
"The Extroverted Organization: Managing reputation and achieving goals through communication and relationship management"
Jacquie Hoornweg, MCM, ABC, Vice President, Corporate Relations and Communications, Ontario Power Generation
For almost any organization, the relationship with its stakeholders, communities and publics is highly influential on its business outcomes. This is especially true for those operating in highly regulated, political and competitive environments. This paper explores how an organization's ability to integrate and leverage the communication function to manage reputation and meet business goals can affect those outcomes. Through an ethnography (first person research) that follows the development and early implementation of one potential communication management model in a large, government-owned electricity generator, it explores the foundational areas of public relations and communication management. The research was triangulated by interviews, online surveys, secondary research and an extensive literature review. It explores a model, developed by the researcher, for integrating the communication function. The model utilizes concepts and best practices related to the foundational elements of a public relations program including leadership and ethics as well as five focus areas:
  • Environmental scanning;
  • Influencing and communicating business strategy and alignment of the organization to the strategy;
  • Creating the organization's voice and brand;
  • Managing relationships through best practices; and
  • Measuring, researching and planning to influence the business and communication strategies.

Further, it contemplates how an organization's disposition to an extroverted focus and, the ability for its various departments to integrate and co-operate can impact reputation management and achievement of business goals.
Key words: Extroverted, matrix, two-way symmetrical, trust, transparency, collaboration, competency, reputation.
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View the YouTube video of Jacquie's research presentation: https://youtu.be/cBBTK30Oo1c (Video courtesy of McMaster's MCM Program)
Colleen Killingsworth
Jacquie Hoornweg, MCM, ABC
Vice President, Corporate Relations and Communications
Ontario Power Generation 

Jacquie leads the province-wide team responsible for managing Ontario Power Generation's communications and its relationships with OPG's host communities, Aboriginal, government, media and other stakeholders and publics, as well as OPG's valued employees. The department also manages the company's digital media and advertising.
Jacquie was an award-winning community news reporter and editor in Durham Region, Ontario. Over the past three decades, she has also worked in radio, advertising and publishing. Since joining OPG in 2003 she has worked both in the field and as a corporate leader. She has served in various volunteer capacities from board member to minor sports coach and teaches part-time in the Media, Art and Design program at Durham College.
Jacquie graduated from the Master of Communication Management joint degree program through McMaster University and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She's an accredited business communicator (ABC) and a CRPS member.
Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter @JacquieHoornweg.