Fostering a culture of communications, Tips and tricks to affect change on the dominant coalition

November 02, 2021
Less than 1 hour
Appropriate for all


Consulting in Public Relations and Organizational Communications has perhaps never been so challenging. An explosion of platforms and tools, global destabilizing events and forces, a hyper-litigious environment, bold advocacy groups and the lingering plague of misinformation on what our profession is all about, and where it belongs in a business.

Join this CPRS workshop on November 2, 2021 at 1 p.m. ET if you are engaged or interested in consulting external or within an organization and hoping to increase your success when it comes fostering a culture of communications.   

Components of workshop: (A) Establishing clarity (defining and reminding client/employer on what PR is and isnt) (B) Top 5 questions to ask any client; (B) A basic “ but highly successful approach to reporting; (C) Ideation how to grow accounts through ideas aligned with objectives “ and the power of affectionate meddling; (D)  Repurposing content, (E)  Cases in point.

  1. Refresher on Grunig-style PR theory
  2. Tips on enhancing your gravitas
  3. Rekindling your relationship with the Outputs / Outtakes / Outcomes model of measurement
  4. Laugh together and cry together (solidarity is needed)
  5. Be a missionary; not a mercenary


Daniel-Torchia.jpgDaniel Torchia,APR is a passionate and experienced Communications consultant; in his own words, he’s a “PR architect and designer who seeks to build or enhance entire Communications functions.” And he’s had ample time to practice – getting his first start at 13 helping his father at the Canadian Tennis Open in Montreal.
Since then he’s worked on files related to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, gangs and violence in Acapulco, parties gone wrong on spring break, PR coaching at the Vatican and, here’s the kicker, $0.99 specials on French fries.
He’s practiced the PR profession in English, French, Spanish and really bad, broken Italian throughout North America and the world – including Cuba and China – with a fortuitous and auspicious level of success. With maturity he now gives all credit to his Guardian Angel, Jerry.
Daniel is a firm believer that Public Relations plays a critical role in the quest for a just and peaceful society – but that we’ve got a massive amount of work left to do to get out of the hole we’re in.

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