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Farmwork to Feed Canada (F2FC) Volunteer Opportunities

Farmwork to Feed Canada (F2FC)

Job Description

Calling communicators from coast to coast! Farmwork to Feed Canada (F2FC) needs you. We are a team of volunteer PR and communication professionals, recent grads, and students working with stakeholders including the farm community, agri-business, governments, and consumers to address the COVID-19 crisis facing Canada. We depend on this essential sector and their employees to grow, process, and supply the food every Canadian depends upon for life.



We believe professional communicators have an important role to play in national service as Canada battles the COVID-19 threat to our lives, livelihoods, and health.
F2FC volunteers seek to:
  1. Get the word out to help bring farmers and workers together. Due to COVID-19, many farmers need more essential domestic workers to help them to plant, tend, and harvest their crops at a time when over a million Canadians find themselves unemployed.
  2. Foster greater public awareness, understanding, and support for agriculture and agri-food business, and
  3. Educate Canadians about the important role they must play to preserve Canada’s food supply.

How To Apply

If you would like to learn more about F2FC or volunteer to make a difference in this cause of a lifetime, please contact Monique Vezina APR at or call 289-680-4462.
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