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Manager, Government and Public Affairs


Job Description


The successful candidate will be responsible for managing The Company’s relationships with all governments we work with and are governed by. This includes federal, provincial (ON, AB and BC) and municipal. They will be responsible for advising the ceo and others in the organization regarding new and emerging legislation and government programs. They will also be responsible for managing the Company’s public reputation for quality.


Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, you will manage the Company’s relationships with government and advise the ceo and senior team regarding public policy:

  • Directly lobby and advocate to government officials at all levels federally, provincially and municipally;
  • Develop and provide recommendations to the ceo concerning legislative, regulatory and funding issues;
  • Monitor emerging public policy issues that may impact the industry, the sector and the Company specifically;
  • Provide recommendations to the ceo and the senior team re path forward on specific public policy issues (e.g. meetings with external parties, communications with client base).
  • Develop briefing notes and talking points to ceo ahead of meetings with government and other stakeholders.
  • Build, leverage, maintain and refresh network of key contacts to achieve the Company’s ultimate goal with respect to licensing, governance and funding; and
  • Proactively reach out to government to develop leads and support national growth.
      Manage the Company’s public reputation:
  • Take responsibility for communication with media and other public bodies in managing issues and occurrences that could impact the Company’s reputation; and
  • Advise other managers regarding client communication especially with respect to sensitive topics and issues.  Some travel is required for this role.

  • This role serves as an external face of the Company to government at all levels, to media and to the public with respect to issues management;
  • Decisions regarding who to meet with, how to secure the meeting, the appropriate timing and the agenda / main messages should be thoroughly researched and prepared for; and
  • The incumbent will have to make quick decisions in responding to unexpected questions and challenges.



  • Ability to understand the organization’s broad operating environment and address
  • opportunities and threats;
  • Understanding of the function and workings of the government, and the creation and
  • impact of public policy;
  • Understanding of who is who, and their bias, in the media and advocacy circles;
  • Following a period or orientation and with experience, understand how the industry is
  • governed and its rules;
  • Exemplary ethics as they will represent the Company to external stakeholders; and
  • Excellent verbal and written, formal and informal communication skills.
  • Related undergraduate and/or postgraduate degrees in Political Science or Public Relations are an asset;
  • Strongly intuitive and able to understand the other stakeholder interests and bias; and
  • Knowing his or her way around government organizations and agendas.
  • 8 years of Government experience required. Policy Advisor experience an asset;
  • Prior role in research and policy development;
  • Experience in written communications (speech writing, talking points drafting, etc.); and
  • Experience in “the line of fire”; confident, quick and smart on their feet.

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Knows the business
  • Knows the government
  • Crisis management
  • Anticipative
  • Proactive

How To Apply

Note, the name of the Company is being withheld due to an incumbent being in place. The name of the Company will be disclosed when the first interview is set up.

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