College of Fellows | Essay Series

As a contribution to the discussion on the changing role of public relations in society, the Canadian Public Relations Society’s College of Fellows is launching a new series of essays under the general theme Public Relations in Society.

"These essays will develop ethical, historical and philosophical perspectives of public relations and explore their ever-growing role in the world of the twenty-first century. They will be written by practitioners of great experience who will use their knowledge to bring new perspectives to the discussion," said the Presiding Officer of the College of Fellows, Daniel Granger APR, FCPRS.

The essays will be of interest to all professionals in public relations and communications, to teachers and students and to leaders of business and organizations concerned with understanding the role and impact of public relations.

The Essay Series is available in English and French in .pdf format.



Journalism and Public Relations

The first essay of the collection focuses on the nature and the difficulties raised by the professional relationship between public relations professionals and journalists targeting several fundamental aspects such as the history and importance of journalism in a democratic society, freedom of the press and the concepts of the public's right to information and the ethics of journalism, among others.

"I want to locate all gateways through which it is possible to build respect and trust between these two professional groups that are fused at the hip," writes the author, Guy Versailles APR, FCPRS.

The author also explores the profound changes sweeping contemporary journalism and the possible impact on society as well as on the practice of public relations and journalism.
Download the .pdf version.