Nation Talk

NationTalk began as Canada’s largest Indigenous newswire, employment, event, and tender service since 2005 and has since developed into a 360-degree single source solution for all communications, public relations, marketing, media and production and Indigenous outreach needs; from message to delivery.We pride ourselves on how we help companies, governments and NGOs work effectively with Indigenous Peoples and organizations and through this our clients recognize our ability to deliver deeper impact on their reconciliation journey. As client business models — and communications methods — adapt to new realities, we’re uniquely suited to bring together diverse talents, unique insights and pioneering instincts to deliver industry-defining work in all industry sectors with deep experience in business, education and healthcare.NationTalk covers all bases from online live streaming, television and radio production, content development, creative concepting, campaign development and mainstream Canadian network commercial production. We develop and execute ideas for our clients that earn attention, drive business impact and generate high-quality visibility for the stories our clients want to tell.
Interviews from the 2022 National Conference:

Cam McAlpine, APR
Dr. Niigaan Sinclair
Rashpal Rai