Webinar - CPRS Health Academy Presents: First Canadian Live-streaming of a Kidney Transplant

October 01, 2019 to October 01, 2019
01:00 PM

Event Description

Long ago surgery was viewed as a "spectacle" that brought audiences in to learn and observe. Today, Facebook live-streaming presents a new opportunity to bring audiences where they would otherwise never be - in this case, into a real surgery in real time. For St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, it was a method of reaching an unprecedented size of audience to achieve organizational goals that included health education, encouraging live kidney donations, connecting with young audiences in schools and building organizational reputation. But it was not without risk, an enormous amount of planning, and addressing ethical issues. In the end, it was storytelling at its best, which reached a broad audience, attracted national media attention, social media across the globe, and built good will inside and outside of the hospital.

Presented by

Agnes Bongers, MCM 
For the past two years, Agnes has been the director of Public Affairs at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. Her team is "small but mighty", and is interested in testing innovative ways of communicating. Prior to this she was with Hamilton Health Sciences, first as a Senior Specialist, then as Manager of Media Relations and Digital Strategy. 

Agnes was a journalist for about 25 years prior, many of those years with the Hamilton Spectator, working as an editor and reporter, covering many beats over the years, most often in feature writing. She holds a Master of Communication Management with McMaster-Syracuse.