Webinar - Trolls, Haters and Nasty Posts: How to tone down the trash talk on your city's social medi

November 20, 2018 to November 20, 2018
01:00 PM

Event Description

Are those nasty posts on your city’s (or public sector organization’s) Facebook page driving you crazy? Or those new social media pages created just to slam you? In the age of managing information online via Facebook and Twitter, how do you work with the new “citizen journalist?” Armed with an iPhone or tablet, they are providing their readers with their unique perspective on your programs, services and decision-making – sometimes unencumbered by a journalist’s code of ethics.

Drawing on #Awesome examples, #FiveStar best practices and cautionary tales of #EpicFail, this workshop will refresh your toolkit to help you be better prepared for the negative Neds and Nancys – and all their friends. Learn how to identify these virtual voices in your community and steps you can take to manage your message.