Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes a single, major contribution made by a Society member, which has resulted in the betterment of CPRS through the enhancement of its image in the eyes of other Canadians, or the world-at-large.

While this award recognizes the long-term dedication of a CPRS member, it is intended to pay tribute to a single, but nonetheless significant effort. Due to this award’s special nature and because the member’s contribution must be truly extraordinary, it may not be awarded every year.

Nominate a fellow member for this year’s award.
2018 recipient - Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS

Past recipients
  • 1962 Walter B. Herbert, APR
  • 1963 Claude Chapeau
  • 1983 Chris G. Ladd, APR
  • 1989 Roger Landry, ARP
  • 1996 Joan L. Yates, APR
  • 2001 Jean Valin, APR, FCPRS LM
  • 2005 Donald J. Labelle, APR, FCPRS
  • 2006 No Award
  • 2007 Pierrette Leonard, APR, FCPRS
  • 2008 No Award
  • 2009 No Award
  • 2010 John Kageorge
  • 2011 No Award
  • 2012 No Award
  • 2013 Kathy Malley APR
  • 2014 Lydia Boyko APR, FLMI, B.J., M.Ed., Ph.D. (LM CPRS)  
  • 2015 No Award
  • 2016 No Award
  • 2017 - Janice Robertson APR LM