Recently, the CPRS National Board struck an Atlantic Exploratory Committee (AEC) to look at a CPRS Atlantic Pilot.  This committee is the first step in a process to examine how CPRS member benefits and services may be more effectively governed and delivered in Atlantic Canada. 
Wayne Knorr, APR, was appointed by the CPRS National Board to chair the committee, which also includes two members from each province.  The full list of members follows:

The terms of reference, which support the delivery of a framework for the CPRS Atlantic pilot, have been developed and approved by the national board. 
The goal of the pilot is to improve service delivery to CPRS members in Atlantic Canada by becoming more efficient and sustainable at delivering volunteer committee support, and to ensure the success of local societies’ efforts resulting in a strong local membership in Atlantic Canada.
Committee members have begun to look at various aspects related to the pilot. This includes a look at the current membership, governance models being used, best practices being undertaken by other member societies, professional development & networking, as well as member communications.
CPRS members in Atlantic Canada are encouraged to share their questions, comments or concerns related to the process with any committee member. Input will be used to inform the committee’s work.

Wayne Knorr, APR, Chair
CPRS Atlantic Exploratory Committee