Our Mission, Vision and Values


Journey to the new framework

A new strategic framework is something the CPRS has been working towards for more than three years. As the National Board assessed both risks and opportunities facing professional associations as well as the renewal period of our current association management contract, it sought advice from senior CPRS members from across the country, which led to the establishment of the Future of CPRS Committee (FCPRSC) with a mandate to:
  • review and affirm CPRS’s vision, mission, and values
  • develop a strategic framework
  • define the governance and organizational structure required to support the strategic framework
  • define the management model required to support the organizational structure
  • present the strategic framework and outline next steps during the 2018 Annual General Meeting.
Under the National Board’s direction, the FCPRSC engaged Dan Tisch, APR, FCPRS, an internationally renowned thought leader on public relations, to author a white paper on the future of public relations and communications management in Canada – The Elevation of Public Relationswhich was launched at the 2017 National Conference in Kelowna.

The intent of the white paper was to initiate a national discussion on the megatrends affecting our industry and how the Canadian Public Relations Society can support Canada’s PR and communications management professionals across Canada at every stage of their career. The buzz around The Elevation of Public Relations continues to gain momentum across the country.

“What We Heard: The Future of Public Relations in Canada” outlines what we discussed, what you told us and what it means for CPRS in the coming years. Using this feedback, the FCPRSC developed a proposed Strategic Framework for the CPRS and once again sought input on a new vision, a new mission and four new strategic goals, and tested it with both members and non-members.

The response was overwhelming with 500 Public Relations professionals weighing in and validating the vision, mission and goals and giving the National Board a clear mandate to adopt the new direction.

Our new Strategic Framework is more than a guide for how the CPRS will provide member value and advocate for our profession, it is a collective commitment to creating a community of public relations professionals dedicated to professional development, delivering strategic value to our organizations and supporting and promoting ethical public relations in Canada and around the world.

Our Vision

The Canadian Public Relations Society and its members are recognized as the champions for ethical, strategic public relations and communications management.


We build a national public relations and communications management community through professional development and accreditation, collaboration with thought leaders, a commitment to ethics and a code of professional standards, advocacy for the profession, and support to members at every stage of their careers.


We believe that the ethical and strategic practice of public relations and communications management makes a positive contribution to the profession, our employers and to the communities we serve. As members of CPRS, we are committed to the following values:

  • An Ethical Practice
  • A Strategic Practice
  • Achieving Mutual Benefit
  • Demonstrating Leadership and
  • A Commitment to Continuous Learning

Our Strategic Goals

Community - A CPRS member is part of a national community with full access to services and benefits regardless of where they live.

Collaboration - CPRS members have direct access to share knowledge with colleagues and professionals, opportunities to engage with thought leaders and discuss trends in the industry.

Careers - CPRS members are supported at every stage of their career.

Conscience - CPRS members are seen as ethical professionals who adhere to and uphold a code of standards.

Our Path Forward

With this new framework, the National Board will look to deliver on the four strategic goals and achieve our vision with programs and services that build on our success and find new ways to provide member benefit.

It’s clear that Canada’s public relations professionals relate to the megatrends outlined by Tisch in The Elevation of Public Relations and, for the most part, agree with the implications these trends have on the PR industry. Our ability to build relationships, provide strategic business value, earn trust, and incorporate data and analytics into our work is key to the continued growth and success of our profession.

To support this network and best position our members to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead, the CPRS must focus on building our national community, support career growth and learning, facilitate collaboration, bring thought leadership to our discussions, promote the profession and advocate for ethical public relations.

Community, Collaboration, Conscience, Careers…the future of the CPRS lies in our ability to respond to these priorities and deliver what our members need to thrive in the years ahead.

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