Our Mission, Vision and Values

One Community. Many Voices.

A National Conversation

As CPRS celebrated its 70th anniversary, we took the opportunity to look back on seven decades to see how far we’ve come and to look forward to help shape our future to meet the changing needs of our profession. This reflection has sparked a dynamic national conversation with thought leaders about the future of public relations and communications management.

We began with The Elevation of Public Relations white paper.  It identifies seven interconnected megatrends shaping public relations and communications management today. It goes on to consider the actual implications of these megatrends and to introduce specific imperatives for CPRS.

The work of the Future of CPRS Committee took our exploration one step further. Their findings were gleaned from consultations with close to 1,000 professionals – at the 2017 Kelowna conference, through focus sessions and then through the largest survey in CPRS history. This deep dive asked members to look closely at the industry’s challenges and opportunities - and even rank the trends in terms of their impact on day-to-day work. The committee also challenged members to define themselves and their place in CPRS. The resulting Strategic Framework brings it all together.

In May of 2018, the Strategic Planning Task Force reached out once more to close to 50 CPRS members, including the National Board, committee and council chairs, Presidents’ Council and local society executives, as well as CPRS’s association management team. This pulse check confirmed the Strategic Framework findings, but it also helped us to learn more about what members are looking for in their professional association. This Strategic Plan to 2021  was developed during a time of transition for CPRS. The CPRS Board of Directors is accountable for confirming these priorities, the annual work plans and related metrics. The result is an actionable approach to help meet these needs during a time of significant change.

Our Vision

The Canadian Public Relations Society and its members are recognized as the champions for ethical, strategic public relations and communications management.

Our Mission

We build a national public relations and communications management community through professional development and accreditation, collaboration with thought leaders, a commitment to ethics and a code of professional standards, advocacy for the profession, and support to members at every stage of their careers.

Our Values

We believe that the ethical and strategic practice of public relations and communications management makes a positive contribution to the profession, our employers and to the communities we serve. As members of CPRS, we are committed to the following values:

  • An Ethical Practice
  • A Strategic Practice
  • Achieving Mutual Benefit
  • Demonstrating Leadership and
  • A Commitment to Continuous Learning

Our Strategic Goals

Community - A CPRS member is part of a national community with full access to services and benefits regardless of where they live.

Collaboration - CPRS members have direct access to share knowledge with colleagues and professionals, opportunities to engage with thought leaders and discuss trends in the industry.

Careers - CPRS members are supported at every stage of their career.

Conscience - CPRS members are seen as ethical professionals who adhere to and uphold a code of standards.

Fundamentals – Our Society’s success depends on core fundamentals securing the long-term viability of CPRS through our revenue sources, volunteer resources, governance structures and cost-efficient internal processes.
The future of the CPRS lies in our ability to respond to these priorities and deliver what our members need to thrive in the years ahead.

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