A Warm Welcome to Winnipeg

By Jennifer J. Pawluk, APR
After an overlong winter, we finally see signs of spring appearing in Manitoba, and, with warmer weather to come, we look forward to welcoming you to Winnipeg from June 4–7, 2022.
CPRS Manitoba is delighted to host the first in-person annual conference of Canadian Public Relations Society since 2019.
Besides, CPRS has not held a national summit in Winnipeg since 1997. I was in fourth grade at the time. Now, I work with students in my communications role at a girls' school.
I have been employed at Balmoral Hall School for the entirety of my CPRS membership, which I obtained in 2014. From 2016 to 2018, I served as a director of the Manitoba society with a focus on professional learning and networking. Having the opportunity to deliver a workshop at the 2017 annual conference in Kelowna was a pivotal moment in my early career as a public relations professional. Upon a call for volunteers to form a local advisory committee for the 2022 annual conference, I immediately offered my support. Eager to pay it forward, I joined the national programming committee as their local advisory committee liaison.
You may be wondering about the thematic significance of "At The Heart."
Winnipeg is located in Treaty No. 1 territory on the original lands of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples in the heart of Turtle Island. These ancestral lands are the heartland of the Métis people.
As public relations and communications professionals, we are instrumental in shaping public discourse, and we have an ethical obligation to counter increasing polarization that derives from and perpetuates disinformation and misinformation. Democracy is a matter of trust, and, as professional communicators, we are at the heart of preserving civil liberties.
Now, you may be asking, Jennifer, why would I come to Winnipeg when I can participate virtually?
Allow me to paint you a picture of my home ...
Surrounded by a big blue sky with open terrain distinguishable by landmarks cherished for their cultural significance, such as The Forks National Historic Site, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and Esplanade Riel Bridge, Winnipeg is a nexus of art and science, past and present, tradition and innovation.
Manitoba is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene lauded by media and artists worldwide. The talent is as diverse as the architecture, which draws creative professionals to Downtown Winnipeg, in particular. Winnipeg has a multitalented, innovative, and entrepreneurial developer community with many high-tech start-ups, studios engaged in new media production and design, and firms advancing information and communication technologies.
A culinary and foodie hotspot, you will find dozens of cafés, restaurants, and bars, including microbreweries/microdistilleries, within walking distance of The Fairmont Winnipeg. A few of my personal favourites are Parlour Coffee at 468 Main Street, Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria at 137 Bannatyne Avenue, and Nonsuch Brewing Co. at 125 Pacific Avenue. If you would like additional recommendations from a local perspective, or if you have any questions about attending the national conference in Winnipeg, please connect with me on LinkedIn. I would love to hear from you!