Here’s why I belong to CPRS

It’s membership month for the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS). Why join Canada’s leading communications and public relations association? Well, here’s why I belong and some reasons why you will want to sign up if you’re not already a member!
In many ways CPRS is like a second family to me. I have met great people. I have learned many things that have helped me in my career. I continue to be impressed by the efforts being untaken to further the communications and public relations profession.
I first became aware of CPRS as a summer student working with a municipal tourism office. I attended a few CPRS events and was immediately impressed by the people, their work and how they so readily welcomed me into the group.
Time slipped by. I continued to work in the tourism field, but that first experience stayed with me. When I transitioned into my role as a municipal communicator two decades ago, I knew right away I had to join CPRS. It is a decision I have never regretted.
But enough about me; let’s look at the benefits for you.
By joining CPRS, you get networking opportunities; professional development, including webinars and a resource library; reduced submission fees for our awards program; access to a global community of communications and PR professionals; and exclusive access, discounts, and preferred pricing via our partners and to our national conference.
Individually, these things would cost you up to $1,570, but by joining CPRS you get all this for just $290, plus local dues. And if you act in March, new and lapsed members can save $50 on initiation / reinstatement fees, while all renewing members will be entered into weekly draws for a $50 gift voucher.
In addition, there are other benefits you can enjoy by belonging to CPRS:  

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today at and become a member of Canada’s leading communications and public relations association. If you want to know more about belonging, feel free to reach out to me at or contact our membership team at

Wayne Knorr, APR

CPRS National President