Connexions 2018 - What's in it for me?

Since my first year as a member of CPRS in1998, I have been actively involved in this incredibly valuable professionalassociation.  Early in my career I quickly learned the value of"giving back" to my chosen profession and community - and the manyrewards which come from volunteerism.  I have gained extensive skills andconfidence through my involvement in organizing, attending or presenting atCPRS conferences or other events - both locally and nationally. 

I think of the many friends and professionalcontacts that I have made at conferences coast to coast over the years.  Iam thrilled to have another opportunity to see many of those great peopleconverge in Charlottetown for three days of thought provoking professionaldevelopment and memorable networking in late May.  I realize that CPRS isnot just a "wait and see what is in it for me"organization.   It is a group of amazing people who offer theirwisdom, humor and experiences to each other.  It is also a group of peoplewho believe in the importance of ethics and high "code of conduct"standards in public relations and communication management. 

Now more than ever we need an organizationsuch as CPRS to raise the bar on what we do.    CPRS is a trulyunique Canadian professional association which offers local and nationalopportunities for professional and personal growth.  The CPRS nationalconference held each spring is its largest offering and a real showcase of whatCPRS is all about.  I encourage you to become a delegate or a volunteerand become connected to this amazing annual event.

Rod Stanley, BAA, APR, FCPRS
Local Advisory Committee Chair