An Historical look at the Canadian Public Relations Society

CPRS logos in use over the years: 1949, 1958, 1974.


These web pages are meant to showcase historic milestones in the development of Canada's first public relations professional association purely from a national context. Every effort has been made to document facts using CPRS records and archives, but where no records exist, CPRS relied upon first person accounts of senior practitioners.

The Canadian Public Relations Society gratefully acknowledges the work of the late Fred Price, former CPRS historian, which provided the information for much of our early history. We also thank: the CPRS National Board, who provided resources and support; Barbara Sheffield APR, FCPRS, LM, who assisted with archival retrieval and documentation; Jane Stokes, who wrote the initial text; Executive Director Karen Dalton APR, CAE, who shepherded the project; Gilles Bureau and Centrik Translations, who provided French translation; NATIONAL Public Relations, who sponsored design services; and members at large across the country who answered the call for details. A special thanks to CP Images, CPRS archives and several individual CPRS members who supplied photos for this publication. We hope these web pages will continue to be a work in progress, and that any errors or omissions identified will be communicated to the National Office for future use in documenting CPRS history.


Mary Barker

CPRS 60th Anniversary Committee

CPRS would like to thank the members of the 60th Anniversary Committee for their hard work and commitment to preserving the history of the Canadian Public Relations Society.

CPRS 60th Anniversary Committee

  • Mary L. Barker APR, FCPRS(H), L.M - Chair
  • Luc Beauregard, C.M, APR, FCPRS, L.M
  • Leonard Canfield APR, L.M
  • Jan W. Henderson, APR
  • Donald J. LaBelle APR, FCPRS, L.M
  • Mark Hunter LaVigne, APR
  • Tarina Palmer
  • Béatrice G. Pepper, APR

60 Milestones

A milestone marks an important moment in time; it is an achievement and advancement worthy of recognition. A milestone is the promise of a sound contribution for all the trailblazers to come.

Take a look at 60 of the most important moments that have shaped CPRS' history, for it is a great story of people and of a developing profession to share. You will soon see why the ideas ignited by so many keen and creative minds in every part of Canada made our story a nationwide phenomenon.

If you would like a copy of 60 Years - 60 Milestones, please contact the National Office at 416-239-7034 or email