About Roxanne
Roxanne Cramer is President of CCI Search, a company she founded to provide executive recruitment services, strategic consulting and career counseling exclusively for Public Relations, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Public Affairs. She has worked with all sectors and specializes in career development, networking, coaching, team building, motivation, business development, and entrepreneurship. Roxanne is a sought-after speaker, widely recognized for her real-world advice and practicality. She has commented on employment, recruitment and coaching issues for national news media, including W5 and the Globe and Mail, and she is a frequent contributor to global professional journals and industry newsletters including PR Week, PR Canada and IABC Communicator.

Speech Topics

Don't just get a job, get the job you want
Learn how to get the job you want. Find out how your image, resume, portfolio, preparedness, and follow-up can contribute to your success.

Brand You
What does it take to reach the top of the PR business, branding. Learn how to create, refine and define the brand that will get you from your current position to your dream job

Superstars Wanted: The realities inside the hiring game
All too often communication professionals forget to promote their most important asset during an interview ... themselves. Personality, skills and experience combine to create the "results-driven" top caliber communication professionals that companies are seeking for top positions. Do you have the right stuff? In this seminar, you will learn how to advance in your current position, what companies are seeking, proven strategies for job search success and how to identify factors that could be holding you back.

The Fire Within
In this seminar, Roxanne will describe the essential traits of an entrepreneur and how you can use those traits to achieve exceptional results.

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