Media Relations Rating Points (MRP)

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MRP can help – Fifth Story, a News Canada company can do an MRP report – with MRP Quality Score, Total Audience Reach and more. Send Fifth Story your campaign results and criteria to have a custom report created for your campaign. The report will be submission-ready.

For more info and rates contact Jenny Cruxton or 416-599-9900 ex. 217

The Canadian Public Relations Society has launched a new standard for measuring editorial coverage and return on investment (ROI) called Media Relations Rating Points (MRP)™.

MRP is Canada's standard for earned editorial media coverage in Canada. Developed by the CPRS Measurement Committee, this new system is designed to make it easy for communications professionals to measure, evaluate and report the results of media relations campaigns.

The primary objective of creating the MRP system was the development of a simple, standardized reporting system that can be widely accepted and utilized with ease to measure any type of editorial coverage (i.e. print, broadcast, online) stemming from proactive media relations campaigns, crisis communications or unplanned media attention. The MRP system includes a media report template, rating system and tool for obtaining up-to-date accurate reach numbers.

The MRP system analyses editorial media coverage by tone, customized criteria and cost-per-contact. Key to the MRP system is the reach data, which is being provided by Fifth Story via a subscription internet service. Fifth Story won a competitive CPRS Request for Proposal (RFP) competition in November 2005 and is the sole authorized supplier of reach data for the MRP system.

Pricing and CPRS Member Discount

The online service is available in both English and French for an annual subscription fee. CPRS members will receive preferred pricing.

For more information, or to subscribe to, contact or call 416-599-9900 ex. 217.

About the CPRS Measurement Committee

The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) created the CPRS Measurement Committee in response to a growing need by Canadian public relations professionals for a new, standardized system of metrics to evaluate editorial media coverage. Composed of a dedicated group of marketers and agency managers, the Committee conceived and developed the Media Relations Rating Points (MRP) system that was launched in April 2006. The members of the CPRS Measurement Committee are: APEX Public Relations/Tracey Bochner, Pat McNamara; Cara Operations/Rachel Douglas; DDB Public Relations/Martine Levy; National PR/Doris Juergens; Porter Novelli Canada/Maria Antonopoulos; Strategic Objectives/Mike Abbass; Thornley Fallis Group/David Jones.


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