How to apply for membership

Further details are included in the official application form of the Society and are available from a Member Society or the National Office. Applications should be submitted, with the exception of Individual Members, through a Member Society. Individual Members should apply through the National Office.

Online application.

For Quebec members, please go to SQPRP website (available in French only) 


Download the application form.

Annual dues are payable upon receipt of renewal notice. All members are sent a renewal notice covering National dues, plus dues established by their Member Society plus applicable GST/HST. National dues are established by the Board of Directors and ratified by Members at the Annual General Meeting. Member Society dues are established by the Member Society concerned.

Applications for Member and Associate status must be accompanied by a cheque or credit card information for membership dues, the initiation fee and applicable GST/HST.

Membership dues are based on a National Society component and a local Society fee. National fees are $260 per annum plus GST/HST. A one time, new member initiation fee of $50 plus GST/HST applicable. Please check with the appropriate local Society Membership Chair to obtain information on their Society's fee.