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The completed application form, will be forwarded to the Presiding Officer of the Membership Committee of the appropriate Member Society or directly to the National Office.

The completed application form, will be forwarded directly to the National Office.

Payment by credit card covering the initiation fee, National and Member Society dues and applicable GST must accompany the application.

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On the date of application, the applicant shall be employed in public relations or teach or administer a Member Society recognized public relations course, or possess a degree in public relations recognized by the National Society.
2. Individual Member *
The applicant must live and work outside specific geographical areas and must meet the eligibility requirements as for Member.
3. Associate *
On the date of application, the individual is not employed full time in public relations, or is employed in functions partially related to public relations.
4. Affiliate *
On the date of application, the individual has been employed full time less than two years in public relations. After two years of membership at the Affiliate level, the member would be required to renew as a full member.
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