Message from the CPRS President


Looking Ahead
June 3, 2014

It was wonderful to see my colleagues and friends last month at the National Conference in Banff, Alberta. What a beautiful place to visit and what a fantastic conference it was. There were many highlights for me, but the tribute video to Luc Beauregard that played at the gala was most heartwarming and inspiring. Luc was among Canada's greatest PR pioneers. He embodied everything that we, as PR professionals, should aspire to become in our professional careers. He is truly missed.

I met many of our local Society presidents at the Presidents' Council meeting and we had a great discussion about local and national issues and the future of CPRS. There was unanimity among those attending the meeting that more needs to be done to illustrate the value of CPRS to our members and to external audiences. This will certainly be among my top priorities for the coming year.

There is a line made famous by the movie Field of Dreams that says, “If you build it they will come”. For CPRS, much of the building has already been done. The National Board and National Office have been working hard to attract new members, new sponsors, new APR candidates, new partners in the Pathways to the Profession program, and so on. I believe that we need to focus on communicating the value of CPRS to our members and to external audiences like employers, clients, governments, educational institutions and to students. In essence, we need to do for CPRS what we would do for our employers and clients. CPRS has already earned its reputation as the leading association for the advancement of the public relations profession in Canada, but we have to make that more visible.

As a national organization exclusively dedicated to the advancement of the public relations profession and to the professional development of our member practitioners, we have a lot to tell people about. We have an established, well organized and highly respected accreditation program. Through the Pathways to the Profession, we have become the organization that is recognizing curriculum standards in post-secondary PR programs across Canada. We have a College of Fellows which acknowledges the contributions of our most senior practitioners. Our awards program highlights excellence in public relations and we have established a Codes of Professional Standards that solidifies our place as a respected professional organization.

I am certain that together we will continue to advance the stature of CPRS and the profession itself. I look forward to serving you in the year ahead.

Sean Kelly, APR, FCPRS
National President
Canadian Public Relations Society